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Framed! Story by 15prishmam and 15karunk: Part 1


Note: This book was originally made by  Frank Cottrel Boyce and it is called Framed. We have been inspired to write a similar story. It is a great book and if you like our version you’ll be sure to love that.
Summary: Two ninja chickens and a sleepy-head called Varnan go on a food-tastic adventure when his grandpa, who turns out to be an international chip thief, blames his crime on Varnan, an ordinary boy who eats a lot and sleeps a lot.

                            Part 1: The Food-Police


Asleep at work, on the snack bar table, Varnan was dreaming about burgers and chips.  He was in ecstasy and had all the burgers and chips he wanted. The boss, Benson slowly crept to him and yelled “GET UP!!!”  Varnan woke up saying “I am sorry Mrs Burger, sir.” Then Benson slaps his cheek.  “Get back to work!”, and Varnan ran away and accidentally went into the girl’s toilet shouting like a psycho.  He then went out after the girls saw him and he slowly walked out of the shop and finally arrived in his home. He owned:

A racing track (with over five hundred of the best race cars in the world)

Every single shop in the world and all products free

A state of the art statue of himself (he decapitated the Statue of Fooderty)

A mansion with a remote that could be disguised as an abandoned shack (for burgers who stole chips)

A pillow made of gold but somehow soft

An anti-gravity chamber

A video game dome 3000

A money machine

“Wait what, a money machine! I don’t remember owning that” Varnan said. PUNCH! PUNCH!

Varnan woke up in a daze… it was all a dream.

Suddenly  a booming voice echoed around his real house. “You are under arrest by the food police!”

To Be Continued…….

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