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Isn’t Brian a good name for a horse?

A police horse’s name is causing a big stir online.

The six-year-old horse is called Brian but Thames Valley Police wanted to change it.

They wanted something more grand, like Hercules or Thor.

But there’s been a big campaign on social media against the name change…

Police at Thames Valley Police station want to change the stallions name to something more war-like. But people called Brian around the world disagree with the name change and are asking the police what does it matter if a horse has the name Brian. Police have answered the question of the public by saying it doesn’t suit a horse. Horses have had their name changed before as well…

The names




were changed into:




Although some of the polices that ride him at Thames Valley Police Station think that a horse named Brian will always be called Brian, no matter how many times he gets renamed.

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