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How to catch burglars by remote control!! ( What is in the news)


Yes as you know this is 15karunk with the news.Well as well as that I have a friend with me who is 15varnans.  I would recommend commenting on his ‘logic riddles.’ Sorry for being a bit off-topic. But anyways let’s start this factual party with a bit of burglary. Dun, dun, dun!


Well have you ever been burgled?

“I saw a man on the screen in my living room and that’s when I called 911 ( which is 999 in UK but 911 in Canada and America).”

Lawyer Mia Nguyen was sitting in her office glued to the live video feed she’d set up at home to watch her dogs.

Warned by her Manything app that something was moving in the house, she had logged on to have a look. Her dogs had been barking at something in the back garden for about 15 minutes – unusual behaviour as usually her dogs were very quiet.

“I decided to keep the website pulled up on my work computer,” she says. “I was getting more and more suspicious as I heard loud thumping noises and stuff – it turned out that was the burglar trying to open our windows – but I thought it might possibly be a maintenance man.”

When she saw the mysterious figure on her screen she realised she needed to call the police. I mean, I am sure you would, well that is if you weren’t the burglar!

The man spent about 10 minutes looking through my house, and I watched him the whole time [I was] on the phone with 911,” the witness says.

“Finally, he noticed the camera was recording him and he left my house, and the police caught him as he was exiting the back yard.”


So 15varnans how would you catch a burglar?

15varnans: zz.. Zz. Zz…

15varnans wake up!!!

15varnans: Huh huh what?

(Sometimes I wonder why I am with this guy)

Now can you tell us how you would catch a burglar?

15varnans: Oh yes , um well I am scared of burglars since they are usually armed.  I think I would have a camera checking if every thing which was happening in the house was perfectly normal and if somebody comes, first thing I do is see what they take and then call the police to ‘pick him up.’

So you would purchase the Manything app?

15varnans: Well in basic terms yes.

Thank you 15varnans, we will be talking to you later ( and please don’t fall asleep.)

Now it’s time for the sport’s news!!

Finally something 15varnans is good at.

15varnans this is now you’re turn to have spotlight!

15varnans: For starters we will have the spice of cricket, combined with a bit of athletic chickens. Then we can fill ourselves up with a main meal of classic football noodles and desserts are tennis flavoured ice-cream the restaurant’s speciality.  The ICC World Cup 2015 cricket have started off with a BANG! The warm-up games have been tight and seat-edgers, actually, I am almost broke my seat! ( I did say we will have some spice.)  OK goodnight, guys….

Arghh!!!!! ( By the way this is 15karunk) Why are you always asleep!  Argh!! ( WHACK! PUNCH! SCREAM! WEIRDOS RUNNING AROUND! )

Error! Error! The Karun and Varnan show will be here in the next post!

Anyone want more of the duo? Just search the tag “sleepy-head” for (hopefully) some more comedy news! Please comment if you want more duos, or even a trio.

Well anyways goodbye!!!

15varnans: zzz… Zzz.. Zzz…. Z…

( Wow… just wow…)

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“How to catch burglars by remote control!! ( What is in the news)”

  1. February 21st, 2015 at 4:50 pm      Reply Prishma Says:

    You have done a great news report and not only doing that but making it funny for the reader to enjoy.

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