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New design looks like a paper bag


Frank Gehry is famous for his offbeat architectural designs like the enormous glass sails of the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris and the titanium fish scales of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. His latest building, the first in Australia, is as cool -so much so that critics have likened it to a crumpled brown paper bag.

Though the outside may appear a little – well a little ‘cuckoo’, the inside of the business school that will house 1,600 students and staff , is anything but. The crisp wood-paneled oval classrooms encourage collaboration, while the 120-seat style theater is designed to allow students to work together in small groups. The stairs and other central areas have been mathmatically placed so that students and staff from different disciplines cross paths, fostering interactivity.  Who knew that just DESIGNING had so much math and complexity to it? Certainly, not me.

Here is a link for some more information.

He took his inspiration from Sydney’s colonial sandstone buildings and chose to work in amber-coloured brick as a tribute to that culture.

Constructed from more than 320,000 hand-placed bricks and glass slabs, the $180m building with its curvy facade obliterates all the usual “sandstone university” conventions.


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