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Child Obesity


There has been a rise in children obesity which means more children are becoming overweight. On average, over 30% of under-10’s are extremely overweight. Imagine what will happen if you were so fat that you couldn’t walk!

A project found a slow rise in the amount of overweight children in England in 1994-2003, but in the past 12 years it has remained at about 30%.

The King’s College London researchers add fatness rates among 11- to 15-year-olds are still rising, however.

Unfortunately, the true fact is that obesity causes heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and even some cancers! Dun, dun dun!!!!!

The number of obese children has trebled ( so become three times more)! Wowzers!

Do you think we can prevent it and how?

Prishma : I think we can prevent this from increasing by being healthy and not have too much sugar because people in today’s world are becoming overweight.

Rishi: To decrease the levels of obesity we can start using the change for life program.

Azim: I think that people should  go to takeaway restaurants less ( such as Mc’Donald’s) as this contributes to human fat.

Karun :  I think that we should stop because obesity is extremely bad for you.   A way to stop this from increasing is by maybe restricting too many takeaways. The government should actually do this. 

Varunan:  Fruits are good.


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