Class 6.3

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What do I wonder about Human Rights?


Who came up with the idea of having the Human Rights?

What was the first ever Human Right that was invented?

Why was the Human Rights not just part of the law?

What is the most important right?

What would we do without human rights?

Did the rights change over time?

Where do Human Rights originate from?

If you had to change the Rights to something else what would you change it to?

Have there ever been any countries that have not followed the Human Rights?

Does criminals have the Right to vote?

Why does David Cameron what to get rid of the Human Rights?

What was the first ever Right?

Why wont they just let prisoners be able to vote because we will now lose our Human Rights?

Could anyone change a right for a appropriate one?

Is it a good or bad impact having rights?

Should everyone get to have a vote on whether or not we should get rid of the Human Rights!?!?!?!

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