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End of year Questionnaire


Copy and paste this link into the URL (website address bar) and complete this survey.

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Learning Log


Pick one of these authors – Benjamin Zephaniah or Nigel Hinton.


What can you tell me about them; their books; their achievements and why they are so popular?

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Solar Eclipse!


Our blog is about the Solar Eclipse which has taken place on the 20th March 2015. There are a variety of continents, countries and states which has been able to see the full on Eclipse.

The last Solar Eclipse happened in 1999 and it won’t fully happen again until 2090. To make a Solar Eclipse happen the Earth, Moon and Sun all have to all be aligned for a Solar Eclipse to happen.

In two weeks there will be a lunar Eclipse and the sky will become red! During the Solar Eclipse you shouldn’t look directly at the sun because it damage your eye sight and you can permanently become blind.

Did you know that depending on where you are, your view of the eclipse will be very different? England will see around 80% of the solar eclipse whereas in Scotland and Northern Ireland they will see around 90%of it .

There have been many myths and around what a solar eclipse is and why they happen. For instance, the ancient Greeks believed that a solar eclipse was a  sigh that  the gods were angry.

By Chloe Shannon and Ashley


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What’s in the news!!!!


Our what’s in the news topic is about the ‘blood Rain’. We have found out several facts that we would like to inform you on.

‘Blood Rain’ is when  a red liquid falls from the sky, which is called blood rain by most people. It has drifted along for more than 2,000 miles all the way to England as well a bringing sand from the Saharan Desert.

This norally occurs 3 times a year but this is normally in Scandinavia. Young children and the Elderly will probably suffer from this because the ‘Blood Rain’ can cause high on air pollution, and people can suffer from lung and heart problems, as for Asmatic people it can make it even harder for them to breath.

The reason why it is called ‘blood rain’ is because in the ancient times when the rain was red they had thought it was blood so that was bad luck for them, so that is why it is named that. The Anglo Saxon Chronicle records that “In 685, there was blood rain in Britain, and there was milk and butter that had turned to a blood looking coulor and not long after their King of Kent had died.

The blood rain is most common in France, Spain, India and Scandinavia. Apparently, Spain saw ‘blood rain’ on Wednesday as the Saharan dust moved North. The south-East and Easten part of England will see a high level of poloution.

This was written by;

Chloe & Preeya!!!


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Tellagami by Azim, Hayleigh and Ikechukwu


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Richard lll


Richard III’s body was found in a car park in London. A couple of months ago they had un-buried Richard and examined his body to make sure that it was his. In a couple of hours time there will be re-Bering him and having a funeral for him.Richard was a well known king of England about more than 500 years ago. He died in a battle field fighting for power against the family York.His body was in a unknown place until architecture found him.Many people debated whether it was him or not.After many tests he was finally recognised.Many people did  not agree with him getting buried as he was considered by many people as a mean person.People also believe that he killed his own nephews in order for him to get the crown.

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Tracking device for bees


A new technology  made out of left over pieces  electrical equipment has been used to track bees from a distance of 2.5 metres. It is like the technology used in warehouses.

The device does not have a name yet but 50 have been made so far. The tracker is also made up of a computer chip and aerial that are more suitable for bees than devices used to track bigger creatures

Scientists believe that this new tracker will help them get a better estimate of the numbers of bees left in the wild.

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The midnight storm: Chapter 5: The Memories


Walking alone together through the underworld of terrors.  Quoth and Grim was leaving this realm. Unsure of how Quoth got black magic on the palm of his hands, Grim decided to ask how he ever found it. “Oh well, I found it in the attic. I was not sure if it was just an ordinary book. It was interesting” Quoth replied with sorrow. “Well didn’t your parents ever taught you not to toy with black magic.” Grim said jokingly but the look on Quoth’s face was full of disappointment. Taking it seriously he apologized. “No it’s okay.” Quoth sighed and explained to him about his parents. “The truth is when I was born, my mum died but I don’t know how. Also I don’t know my father, well I knew him but he never cared for me but he also died six years ago, when I was 7, now I’m alone.” “Well you think you are alone but you are wrong.” The reaper said with full pleasure. Quoth had no idea who but he then realized it was the reaper. A creak sound came, as the phantoms came peeping behind the door but Quoth lashed his sword out. “What was that?” “Maybe just a door. Oh wait, I hear it too.” Scared of what will happen Grim also got his scythe out but it was too late. They got ambushed. 

Solar eclipses


A solar eclipse is when the moon and the sun and Earth is in a line. It occurs when the moon passes through the path between the Earth and the sun, blocking the star. This only during a New Moon phase ( the one where there is no moon in the sky.) It occurs when the moon is in front of the sun instead of behind it. On average there is no less than two but no more than five eclipses per year ( partial or total.) Most solar eclipsesare partial with a total eclipse occurring once every one and a half a year. A total eclipse can last as long as seven and a half minutes. If you are at the North or South pole you cannot view a total solar eclipse. A total eclipse causes a decrease in temperature of up to 20 degrees. Some animals tend to sleep while others act confused. In the olden times people thought it was a sign that gods were angry or that bad things were going to happen. Total solar eclipses have not always been visible from Earth. In the past the moon was too close to Earth  And during eclipses, it totally covered the sun. Over the time the lunar orbit has changed at the rate of just 2 cm per year. At this rate in 600 million years, there might not be a total solar eclipse only partial.

New book reveals new King Henry VIII fact


A new non-fiction book based on King Henry VIII reveals fact about a woman who nearly became his seventh wife.

King Henry VIII stated that Katherine Willoughby was too ‘fiery’. The new biography says that the couple were close, danced at court and even exchanged gifts at Christmas. however, it is believed that the Tudor Royal was ‘jaded’ by having six wives. He almost had another wife but gave up on her as she was ‘domineering, outspoken and had the habit of nagging him’. It has finally emerged that Katherine had already given birth to two son and the Royalty had the belief of being able to continue the Tudor Dynasty. Henry was exhausted after six failed marriages, two of which had ended in execution, finally put off the thought of taking  another divorce.

Katherine was known to enjoy offending other Lords and once dressed her dog as a priest and named him after Catholic Bishop, Stephen Gardiner because she despised him. She was also know to lecture people on Christianity, including the king, who had made himself head of the church after breaking from Rome in 1534. She had begun courting Henry. Author of Henry VIII’s Last Love, David Baldwin  states that despite Henry’s love for strong women, he had finally learnt his lesson and stuck to the wife he had.

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